Standing committees are often referred to as the glue that holds a board of directors together.  

Standing Committees of a board bear the brunt of the workload. The standing committee holds the most significant influence over the big-picture direction of an organization’s interests, programs, projects, and overall mission. It’s common practice for the standing committee to be written in the organization’s bylaws. 

To achieve regional success in meeting the requirements of local government reform, Kings Regional Service Commission has established several significant standing committees as noted below.   

Kings RSC Standing Committees

Paul Maguire (Chair)Subject Matter Specialist
Alan BrownKings RSC Board Member
Charity MacDonald Kings RSC Board Member
Gordon KiersteadKings RSC Board Member
Steve RobertsKings RSC
Lori ColemenRegional Resiliency Committee
Angela ParleeSharing Club
Pam KayeDial a Ride
Julia MittonCrosswinds
Chelsea Nightingale
United Way
Bridget RyanMAS
Martha ChownCanadian Mental Health Association
Julie Matthews Sussex Vale Transition House
Allannah PearsonHorizon Health
Alan Price
Community Representative
Roxanne McKnightCommunity Representative
Tim WilsonKings RSC
Marc ThorneKings RSC
David TitusCommunity Representative
Thomas ParkhillCommunity Representative
Peter Price
Kings RSC Board of Directors
Charity McDonald Kings RSC Board of Directors
Steve Roberts Kings RSC Staff
Henry OfuruneMAS
Dana HicksButternut Valley Cafe
Vanessa CogganChamber of Commerce
Sylvia MacVey
Nelson Ball
Robert Bates
Rick Horton
Susan Northrup (Chair)
Gordon Kierstead
Anthony (Tony) Reiker,
Sussex Fire Chief
Sussex Fire
Gwynn Boyé Ambulance NB 
Sgt. Tyson Nelson  RCMP 
Travis Parker       DTI
Hanna Duguay,
Management Coordinator  
Canadian Red Cross, 
Phil Howe,
Executive Search Manager
Greater Fundy Ground Search and Rescue 
Lori Coleman,
Regional Resiliency Coordinator
Region 8
Cpl. Zack Kierstead,
Justice & Public Safety
Conservation Enforcement 
Todd Silliphant,
Social Development
Tim Nickerson,
Thomas Jeffery,
Butternut Valley Councillor/ 
Coles Island Fire Chief 
Coles Island Fire
Ron Gaudet,
Rural District Manager
Alan Brown, (Chair)
Gordon Kierstead,
Kings Board Member
Kings RSC
Vicky Gaunce  
Bruce Sherwood  
James Young
Charity McDonaldValley Waters
Gordon Kierstead (Chair)Kings Rural District
Jason Thorne,
Expert Advisor
Thimothy Wilson Sussex
Mark RideoutButternut Valley
Alison MurphyAX
Burke LongAll Seasons
Jamie HarePoley Mountain
John McNair
Outdoor Elements
Sharon CunninghamBelleisle Watershed Coalition
Vanessa CogganSussex & District Chamber of Commerce
Aubrey SmithSussex Valley All Terrain
Erin SweetButternut Valley
(Municipal Nomination – BV)
Salma Burney
Off Grid Adventure
(Municipal Nomination – Kings RD)
Jason ThorneSussex
(Municipal Nomination – Sussex)
Nancy ColpittsMcCrea Farms
Amy Carpenter TonningLegacy Lane Fiber Mill
Tim WilsonKings RSC Board of Directors
(Ex Officio)
Charity McDonaldKings RSC Board of Directors
(Ex Officio)
James Keirstead Kings RSC Staff Support
(Ex Officio)
Gordon Kierstead
Anne Marie Snyder
Marc ThorneMayor of Sussex
Vicki Gaunce
Ben WhalenKennebecasis Watershed Restoration Committee

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