The Kings RDMO’s primary purpose is to be an independent and industry driven collaborative body that is responsible for developing and implementing a regional tourism strategy to attract more visitors to the region. RDMO members represent a cross section of the RSC service area both geographically and by strategic sector within the tourism industry to ensure that strategic planning is reflective of the entire region.

Alison MurphyAX
Burke LongAll Seasons
Jamie HarePoley Mountain
John McNair
Outdoor Elements
Sharon CunninghamBelleisle Watershed Coalition
Vanessa CogganSussex & District Chamber of Commerce
Aubrey SmithSussex Valley All Terrain
Erin SweetButternut Valley
(Municipal Nomination – BV)
Salma Burney
Off Grid Adventure
(Municipal Nomination – Kings RD)
Jason ThorneSussex
(Municipal Nomination – Sussex)
Nancy ColpittsMcCrea Farms
Amy Carpenter TonningLegacy Lane Fiber Mill
Tim WilsonKings RSC Board of Directors
(Ex Officio)
Charity McDonaldKings RSC Board of Directors
(Ex Officio)
James Keirstead Kings RSC Staff Support
(Ex Officio)

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