Anthony (Tony) Reiker,
Sussex Fire Chief
Sussex Fire
Gwynn Boyé Ambulance NB 
Sgt. Tyson Nelson  RCMP 
Travis Parker       DTI
Hanna Duguay,
Management Coordinator  
Canadian Red Cross, 
Phil Howe,
Executive Search Manager
Greater Fundy Ground Search and Rescue 
Lori Coleman,
Regional Resiliency Coordinator
Region 8
Cpl. Zack Kierstead,
Justice & Public Safety
Conservation Enforcement 
Todd Silliphant,
Social Development
Tim Nickerson,
Thomas Jeffery,
Butternut Valley Councillor/ 
Coles Island Fire Chief 
Coles Island Fire
Ron Gaudet,
Rural District Manager
Alan Brown, (Chair)
Gordon Kierstead,
Kings Board Member
Kings RSC
Vicky Gaunce  
Bruce Sherwood  
James Young

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